Enhancing Hardwood Floors Tips

Enhanced hardwood

ollow these helpful tips to enhance the beauty of your hardwood floors:

1. To reduce scratches and dents, attach adequate floor protection (such as felt pads) to the feet of all furniture items before placing them on hardwood floors.

2. When moving heavy furniture, place a blanket or a scrap of carpet face down, under each leg and slide furniture carefully.

3. Keep shoes in good repair. If they lose their protective caps, they will dent the surface. Avoid high-heel shoes. Keep pet nails trimmed, paws clean and free of dirt and grease.
4. Avoid exposing your floors to direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can slightly change the shade of your floors. Periodically rearrange rugs and furniture to avoid discoloration from occurring.

5. Remove spills promptly using soft cloth and appropriate cleaning product.

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